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August 25, 2017

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

The quote, "necessity is the mother of invention", certainly rings true here: Kelly Vurinaris' daughter wears a hearing aid and finding a sun hat and a winter hat that fit over the hearing device without interfering with the quality of the sound was always an issue. Kelly's daughter, understandably, also wanted a cute hat that made her feel pretty and drew attention away from the hearing aid. Kelly discovered FlapJackKids sun hats and knew her daughter would LOVE the adorable designs. Determined to find a way to make this hat work inspired a sewing project. By inserting a slit that allowed the hearing aid to slip easily through the fabric, Kelly created a winning solution.
Today Kelly's daughter happily sports her hat and hearing aid every where she goes. But the story doesn't end there! Kelly's project led to a flood of inquiries from other parents whose kids also wear hearing aids, requesting a similar hat. Recognizing a business opportunity, Kelly now purchases sun hats and winter hats from FlapJackKids and has them adapted for the hearing aids. It's a relationship that FlapJackKids is happy to support by providing our sun hats at below wholesale cost for this worthwhile project.
Of course, we LOVE the entrepreneurial spirit demonstrated by Kelly especially since FlapJackKids was also born out of a mother's need to find a sun hat that her son, Jack, was willing to wear. That was eight years ago and look what's happened in that short time ... FlapJackKids now sells our adorable sun hats, winter hats and other kids' accessories all over North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and beyond.
Interested in learning more about Kelly's project and following her journey? You can follow her here:
Facebook @thelovingladybug
Instagram: thelovingldybug
Are you an entrepreneur as well? If yes, we'd love to hear how you identified a need and how you filled the gap with your invention or product.