Reversible Kids Sun Hat - Unforgettable | Big Cheese


Despite one sweet, furry creature, there is nothing mousy about this hat. Pack your trunk for the circus because Perfect Performance Purple and Snow Cone Pink combine in a real showstopper in this durable and reversible circus themed bucket hat. This reversible kids sun hat features a beautifully embroidered elephant on one side and a mouse on the other.

Our reversible kids sun hats are made with 100 percent cotton, have a clever embroidered saying on the front as indicated and reversible chin straps for small and medium sizes. UPF 50+ sun protection.


2-in-1 reversible kids sun hat design

Reversible chin straps (for small and medium sizes)

100% cotton

UPF 50+ 


Side 1:

Embroidered image: Elephant

Embroidered text: “UNFORGETTABLE”

Sun hat color: Pink

Side 2:

Embroidered image: Mouse

Embroidered text: “BIG CHEESE’”

Sun hat color: Purple

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