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No Regrets

Today I want to write about no regrets. Guilt is a dirty word, but we feel it every day. Why do we feel this way? Who makes us feel this way? Why do we allow it?

As moms, we feel that our very essence of being is to give and to keep giving - which is a great thing! However, at some point, if someone says we don’t give enough, we feel guilt. Yuk. Many parents of today’s generation have let guilt play such havoc in their lives, that the pendulum then swings too far the other way...enter the “helicopter” parent.

The nagging sense of guilt isn’t good for anyone - resulting in kids who get trophies for just participating; us parents telling our kids they did a great job when they really didn't try very hard; and allowing that extra treat because we didn’t play hide and seek with them for long enough that day.

Enough with the guilt. Live as parents with no regrets. Our kids will turn out great, and probably even better if we don’t constantly feel guilty about what others say should be. 

I love my kids. I don't accept the guilt.

No regrets.

Jacqueline Dinsmore
Jacqueline Dinsmore